Super Apps – The Next Big UI UX Design Trend? Everything you should know.

Super Apps – The Next Big UI UX Design Trend?

A super app is essentially a one-stop shop for developing mobile applications. It handles every requirement a user can have in a single location. This lessens the requirement to download several programs to carry out various tasks.

The other words, they are a closed ecosystem of numerous apps known as a “super app” further improves the client experience by providing an all-encompassing experience. Customers can now connect with friends, order meals, shop, pay for services, rent a car, book tickets, and much more all within the same app, eliminating the need to download several apps to complete specific tasks. The owner typically facilitates the payment system, but a combination of internal technology and third-party interfaces is used to enable the wide range of services.

These are the key components Mike Lazaridis listed for the super app:

●      Seamless

●      Integrated

●      Efficient

●      Contextualized

●      Daily use

Today, super apps have evolved into more advanced settings with technology. And there are some fantastic super apps out there that indeed do it all.

Where do Super Apps thrive best?

Super Apps appear to have originated in southeast Asia. Then, the tendency began to shift in favor of India, the Middle East, and Latin America. I believe there are three reasons why Super Apps are well-liked in a certain area. One is whether the area is mobile-first.  In just a few years, these areas moved from having no phones to having smartphones.

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The region’s focus on ecosystems or products is another factor. 

A product is viewed as a mix of attributes in the West. 

In the east, especially in Southeast Asia, people tend to think more holistically about ecosystems. 

It’s not just about one thing; it’s about how various products interact with one another.

The third consideration is the level of industrial maturity. 

You can find excellent, so-called category-killer platforms and services in some areas. 

These are the names that come to mind when the words “grocery” or “payment processor” are mentioned.

When you think about grocery delivery or housekeeping services, the Middle East may not always be the first place that comes to mind. 

Super Apps now have a window of opportunity.

Why Do Super Apps Create Value for Business?

Super applications are the all-in-one answer for businesses looking to develop, grow, and reach scaling goals. 

Let’s look at the reasons why this company idea is so highly regarded.

Growth-Driven Approach

The best course of action is to create an awesome app for businesses with long-term growth objectives. 

Many amazing app creators began with just one application.

The logical continuation of expansion is then to expand and add new services. 

Super applications also have a huge amount of room for expansion because new services and features are always being developed.

Additional Methods for Engaging Customers

Consider WeChat, a powerful app, nevertheless. 

Customers can be reached by developers or business owners using the customer support feature. 

However, they may also keep an eye on user comments on the social feature that is already there or improve communication by using the built-in instant messaging feature.

As a result, the range of contacts between customers and owners greatly expands.

Expanding customer bases

Super applications are useful for organizations since they enable them to access a larger customer base. 

The idea behind this app encouraged organic cross-promotion and raised traffic.

So it’s a fantastic feature because different app parts can advertise different services. 

When users are in the chat or social sections of an app, the shopping portion may be promoted if the developer raises the scalability and revenue there.

There is then an exceptional opportunity to improve discoverability and marketability.

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Reduce Re-acquisition Costs

Traditional businesses typically spend a significant amount of money on old retargeting users. The overall marketing dollars are reduced when converting a user to other services.

Attract Investors

As apps that do it all, super apps have the potential to attract significant funding and investments.

Investors are always looking for the next hot ticket that will explode in popularity and drive revenue. With the massive potential for growth and multiple sources of income within one platform, it is a no-brainer that this would be a value proposition for any investor.

What do the Users Get..?

The main draw to this kind of app is convenience. In addition, some advantages include:

●      All in one solution, in one place

●      Variety of offerings and services

●      Reduces time looking for specific services

●      Saves phone memory and data

●      Increases ease of use

●      Adaptable and flexible to the various needs of the consumer

●      Less confusing to navigate for those uncomfortable with technology

As you can see, super apps are successful for so many reasons! It makes sense why so many developers are racing to create the best version of the super app out there.

Main Features of a Super App

The major players in the super app industry come with a standard range of features. They offer users access to the following features:

●      Digital wallet

●      Entertainment

●      E-commerce and shopping

●      Navigation

●      Mobile banking and finance

●      Booking venues, tickets, and more

●      Social sharing and communication

●      Messaging

●      Loans and lines of credit

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